Thursday, August 16, 2012

Technoviking Living Room

Living Room arrangement for the viking warriors of the universe. Completed with their spoils, including huge amounts of treasure, monster heads, trophies, relics, furnishings, weapons, and of course booze. What sort of time traveling futuristic vikings don't have ale? 

Man-couch made from large logs for the frame, slab of heavy stone carved from an asteroid, giant dinosaur teeth for the back, and a rare dead animal to help decorate it.

Here is a case carved of a crystal using lasers? With relics and rare space items the techno vikings have collected over the years in their travels. Some include, a picture of their actual viking friends.

Hopefully more artwork of them with their close viking friends soon.

Trophy heads with creatures from a great white shark, to a giant cobra (need to make changes soon) to a cyclops.

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